The New AMC Theatre | Easton | 614 Mom

My husband and I were recently invited to check out the newly renovated AMC Theatres at Easton and to say we were impressed would be an understatement.  To give you an idea of our experience, I should first tell you that my husband loves going to the movie theatre, he would happily go weekly, while I would rather wait until it comes out on Netflix.  It has nothing to do with the theater - it's a very traditional "It's not you, it's me" kind of thing.  I like to get comfy during a movie, eat a ton of snacks, and can say I'm a comfort snob. I've never had that experience at the theatre, until recently.  AMC has made a movie goer out of me and my husband couldn't be more excited. 

We didn't really know what to expect going in, but we did notice one small change in ordering our tickets online - we had to pick our seats ahead of time.  This was great for us because my husband loves to sit in the center of the middle row and do a lot of people so we have to get there very early to get the seats he likes.  This changed all of that, we were able to reserve specific seats from the comfort of our couch the morning of (can you tell I really value comfort)?  :-) and then just head over to the theatre in time for the movie.  

My need to leave for a ton of snacks is now a thing of the past because with AMC, I just hit a button and a super nice employee comes to me and takes my order just like at a restaurant.  I did time everything so from the time we ordered our drinks and dinner it took 10 minutes to get our drinks, and 20 minutes for our food which I would say is reasonable due to the amount and size of theaters.  We also ordered dessert and that took about 15 minutes - which again, I find very reasonable.  

Now let's talk about the food - I ordered the cheese quesadilla which came with tortilla chips and dip and my husband ordered a burger.  You guys - it's hard to make a delicious quesadilla, because it's such a basic item, but somehow they accomplished this task, and I now crave this quesadilla weekly.  Let's hope it's the exact same thing next time I go in.  My husband isn't a foodie so he didn't elaborate on the burger other than to say it was good and he would order it again.  Dessert was another story - my husband went on and on about the milkshake we ordered. It came with a full ice cream sandwich as a garnish on top.  Amazing. 

Of course, I have to mention the seats. When we first sat down I thought they were comfortable because they were plush leather seats - easy to get comfortable in.  At some point I figured out this little button next to me would allow me to put my feet up and lean back a little.  YOU GUYS!!! Being able to put my feet up is all I need. It's literally all I need to get comfy.  I was happy, so so happy!! 

The new renovations are a total game changer for us, we have made AMC Easton our movie theater of choice and much to my husband's surprise I have agreed to see more movies with the theater. AMC you changed date night and made movie dates a comfortable, enjoyable experience, and we are both so excited about the changes.  Thank you! 

Want to check it out yourself?  You can buy your super comfy seats here.  You won't regret it! :-)