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Just last year I was introduced to one of the coolest businesses in Columbus, Miss Em’s.  Miss Em’s is a local jewelry boutique that specializes in pop up shops, house calls, online fundraisers, and even Facebook parties.  Miss Em’s makes it easy for you to get affordable pieces at your convenience.

miss ems

Emily Smith, founder of Miss Em’s, is passionate about providing pieces for every woman at affordable prices.  Emily does an amazing job at curriating an excellent collection of quality pieces to fit every style, every budget, and even incorporating one of a kind pieces that benefits a great cause like this necklace.

You can find Miss Em’s at local craft fairs or you can book your own one of a kind party in your home, business, or online.  I’m actually doing an online fundraiser later this month, benefiting Pelotonia.  You can also do a fundraiser through Miss Em’s and pick the charity you’d like it to benefit.  



How It Works

Step 1: Pick a date and time for your virtual Facebook party

Step 2: Emily will set up a Facebook group for you - add your friends

Step 4: Emily will post an album full of jewelry and other accessories for your guests to look at.

Step 4: As your friends find their favorite pieces they simply type “SOLD” on the photo

Step 5: Emily will send out invoices to everyone who bought something

Step 6: The charity you selected will get 15% of the sales

miss ems

**You can also get a select percentage of sales to use towards jewelry for yourself for putting it all together.  

These fundraisers would be perfect for PTO groups, to support your favorite charity, or you can have one just for fun.  

I’m currently obsessing over these earrings, this bracelet, and of course this canvas bag.

I hope you’ll join me for my virtual Facebook fundraiser benefiting Pelotonia. I would love to raise $200 for cancer research and I need your help! Join me!

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