Party Time Sliders with Prime Fresh & Kita Roberts

I had so much fun meeting with Kita Roberts from Girl Carnivore and making these easy and fun party time sliders using Prime Fresh deli meat.  

These party time sliders are great to make when your short on time and need to throw something together or if you want your dish to be the hit of the party.  You can grab the ingredient list below and then watch the video to see how we put it altogether.  

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1 package fluffy dinner rolls or Hawaiian style rolls, about 6 to 12 rolls depending on size

 12 slices Prime Fresh Honey Ham or Oven Roasted Turkey

 Dill pickles

 Fresh herbs (chives preferred)

Tomato slices

2 TBSP Mayo

 Sliced Cheese (cheddar or Havarti)

Sliced red onion

Green leaf lettuce  

Eryn GilsonComment