Goldfish Swim School 4 Years Later...

It’s been four years since we first walked into Goldfish Swim School for the first time and I’m proud to say we love this place now more than ever.  Our first experience with Goldfish was the Grand Opening Celebration for the Dublin location, we had a three year old and a 4 month old baby at the time, and I can still remember how much fun we had as a family swimming with our two sweet kids, watching our son in the pool for the very first time and his big sister splashing around on a duck mat.  We now have a 7 year old, 4 year old, and 1 year old. Wow, how time changes things.  

Fast forward to today and we’ve been attending weekly swim lessons for two years, celebrated three birthdays at Goldfish, attended countless family swim nights, invited family members to join us for daytime open swim, hosted and attended two water safety presentations  and got Elizabeth started in weekly lessons when she was four months old.  To say we are Goldfish fans would be an understatement.  Seriously - Goldfish for LIFE!

My kids look forward to their swim lessons every week, and this winter when they always seemed to be sick the only thing that made them sad was missing their weekly lessons.  My oldest loves her teachers, she feels like they are her best friends. Recently when Ms. Brooke had a schedule change E was really sad but 5 minutes into her weekly lessons, with her new teacher, she had a new best friend in her swim teacher.  It’s so cute to watch how much she looks up to them and I am so thankful they are positive role models she can look up to.

My son on the other hand has always thought of himself as Michael Phelps or a fish.  Either one.  Really he just thinks he is an amazing swimmer.  He is great and very confident but working on maintaining some sense of self and being aware of the dangers of water is something I wanted him to learn.  His teachers have done a wonderful job helping him establish boundaries without instilling fear.   He is currently working hard to join the Goldfish Swim Team.  Every time we visit the pool he talks about how much he wants to be on the swim team.  I know he’s only four and I don’t pressure him but watching him work so hard to reach his goals from such a young age is ADORABLE!

We’ve hosted three birthday parties here and speaking as a busy mom - this is the BEST birthday party for kids and parents alike.  The kids love the pool, the energy, the games, cupcakes, and all the toys. I loved the very easy prep & little cleanup that come with Goldfish parties. You can see more here.

If you’re considering becoming a member I highly suggest you attend family swim time.  Get familiar with the heated pool, positive energy, fun colors, and incredible staff. It will help you decide if Goldfish is the place for you. Spoiler Alert: It’s pretty amazing!! :)


Eryn GilsonComment