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Around this time last year I was in a total panic. I had been a stay at home mom since the birth of my son and his whole life was filled with snuggles, playdates, and fun at home with his sisters. I felt like I blinked and he was at an age where I had to seriously start thinking about school.  Ugh. I wasn’t ready. I mean I seriously wasn’t ready to let my baby go. (the tears have finally started - I got through the first paragraph guys! That’s an accomplishment)

balanced family academy

I can’t begin to tell you how many schools we toured, how many times I stayed awake at night wondering if we’d ever find a place that our family fit.  Some tell me I have extremely high expectations (looking at you mom) but it’s just not something I’m willing to compromise on. These are my babies and they deserve the very best I can give them.

When I met the owners of BFA, Becca and Sarah, I could see in their eyes their passion and love for BFA.  They spoke with so much passion for the community they were creating, the quality of teachers they were hiring, and love they had for each and every child in their care.  After touring the school and meeting many of the teachers we decided that this was the school for us and we signed our son up for the Pre-K program.

balanced family academy

The first day was filled with so much excitement. He had a new shark backpack that he carried with pride, I had a stomach full of butterflies, and my husband was just along for the ride. ;-) I’m happy to report that we got through the first day with just a few tears (all mine).  The rest of the year flew by. Owen has enjoyed share days, jump bunch, yoga, trying new foods (except guacamole. Hard stop on that one), guest readers, and soon his very first field trip.

balanced family academy jump bunch

Over the last year at BFA my son has learned so much - personally and academically.  He no longer tries to fight any chance he gets (anyone else have a wannabe superhero at home?), he gets excited to work on math problems and spends every second in the car asking his dad and I math problems only to tell us we’re always wrong. LOL!

There are so many wonderful reasons that BFA stands above the rest.  From the delicious food, the fitness opportunities, to the L O V E every single child feels when they walk in the door.  It’s a one of a kind space that I am proud to say is our school of choice.

As we approach Pre-K graduation I can’t help but reflect on where we were a year ago and where we are now.  I’m so thankful for the love of the BFA teachers and staff and the opportunity to have been part of the BFA family. If you see me crying at graduation this weekend - please ignore me, it’s just who I am.  :-)

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