The Ultimate Summer Checklist for Columbus Families


Summer is almost here, maybe for you it's already here but either way I'm sure you're looking for some fun things to fill your summer with to keep your kids busy and entertained as well as creating memories as a family and having fun! With help from my 5 year old and my husband (I bet you could guess which ones are his) we've come with what we think is the ultimate summer checklist for families in Columbus.  You will notice that not everything is based on Columbus, i.e., blowing bubbles, but we thought not everyday can you go somewhere and have a huge adventure. However we still want to make sure we blow bubbles and have a tickle fight - so they made the list.  You can also download the list and use it as your guide this summer.  I would love to see your summer adventures, please share on social media. #614mom #614momsummerbucketlist

What would you add to this list? 

You can download the list here.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Columbus Families

1.  Go on one picnic each week

2. Visit the Bunny Splash Pad in Dublin

3. See Fireworks

4. Blow Bubbles

5. Swing really high

6. Go to the Wilds

7. Make a movie theater in our backyard

8. Grow a garden

9. Pick Strawberries

10.   Have a PJ and movie day

11.Take a tour of the Fire Station

12.  Go the the zoo....a lot!!!!

13.   Go to Big Machines at COSI 

14.   Play baseball in the backyard

15.   Have a lemonade stand

16.   Take a last minute road trip

17.   Visit Family

18.   Learn to jump rope

19.   Cedar Point for the roller coasters

20.   Make mud pies

21.   Run through the sprinklers

22.   Eat our way through the Farmers Market

23.   Attend Story time

24.  See a Crew game

25.   Complete a summer reading program

26.   Make a fairy garden

27.   Go hiking all over Columbus

28.   Have a water balloon fight

29.   Make a book

30.   Camp in our backyard

31.   Bowling

32.   Go on a nature walk

33.   Visit a farm

34.   Have a cookout

35.   Create an obstacle course in our backyard

36.  Go to Zoombezi Bay

37.   Visit a new playground

38.   Have a backyard carnival

39.   Take a day trip to Velvet Ice Cream

40.   Make cookies for the police and firemen in our town

41.   Go to a Clippers game

42.   Visit the library

43.   Have a spa day

44.   Make a birdfeeder

45.   Take a train ride

46.   Feed the ducks at Creekside

47.   Make S'mores

48.  Catch lighting bugs

49.   Visit the Powell Splash Pad

50.   Take a family bike ride

51.   Visit Ohio Village

52.   Take a day trip to Dayton and visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force

53.   Make homemade ice cream

54.   Make homemade Popsicles

55.   Take a class at Picasso's

56.   Try Yoga for kids

57.   Visit every single Metro Park in Columbus

58.   Go to lunch at Milestone 229 and then hit the Scioto Mile Fountains.

59.  Bake cookies at The Ronald McDonald House

60.   Geocaching

61.   Visit Lake Erie

62.   Go to the bounce house

63.   Eat a lot of ice cream!!!

64.   Visit the Children's Museum in Indy

65.   Eat donuts for breakfast...even better do the Butler County Donut Trail.

66.   Go to the theater

67.   Splash in the water at Easton and then have a snow cone from Kona Ice

68.   Visit the Park of Roses in Clintonville

69.   Track down the Shazzbots! and see them perform

70.   Attend at least 5 festivals in Ohio

71.  Brunch at Katalina’s

72.   Play at Antrim Park

73.   Go to Cookie Dough Creamery

74.   Eat Breakfast at North Market - complete this scavenger hunt from Say N Play Columbus

75.   Have a whole weekend of nothing but PJs, movies, cartoons, toys, and family

76.   Visit Slate Run Metro Park

77.   Visit the Scioto Mile

78.   Take a trip to The Book Loft

79.   Explore the Franklin Park Conservatory

80.   Visit Topiary Park

81.   Take a behind the scenes tour at The Columbus Zoo...we did the Giraffe Barn Tour a few years ago, it was so fun.

82.   Take a tour of the American Whistle Corp.

83.  Visit the Field of Corn, because...why not?

84.   Take a day trip to Hocking Hills

85.   Anthony Thomas Chocolate Tour

86.   Make a pet rock

87.   Make tie dye shirts

88.   Ohio State Fair

89.   Enjoy a Movie in the Park

90.   Bird watching

91.   Fly a kite

92.   Go to Phat Fridays at Sports Ohio

93.   Head to Scioto Mile and grab dinner at Milestone 229

94.   Walk through the Moonlight Market as a family

95.  Create a drawing journal and jot down words or drawings to capture your summer memories.

96.   Visit the Columbus Arts Fest

97.   Create a photo album our of all of your summer memories.  

98.   Try a new park.

99.   Go to Yellow Springs and see the sunflowers

100. Try a new bakery

101. Order a Kona Ice house call

102. Send letters to family and friends through USPS

103. Go to the movies

104. PB & Jazz at Topiary Park

105. Have a croissant at La Chatelaine

106. Explore OSU

107. Visit the World's Largest Gavel

108. Visit Central Ohio Fire Museum

109. Play at the Columbus Commons

110.  Visit the Watt Lao Buddhamamakrama

111.  See the waterfall at Hayden Falls Park

112.  See the waterfall at Indian Run Falls

113.  Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival

114.  Take a cooking class at Williams Sonoma (with kids or without)

115.  Have a shopping spree at Rocket Fizz in the Short North

116.  Go to the pool

117.  Visit the splash pad at Hilliard Station Park

118.  Go to Build A Bear

119.  Go camping

120. Play with sparklers



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