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It’s that time of year where my kids (and I) need new haircuts, new clothes, new winter coats, and the list goes on and on...Luckily this year my choice for where to take them for a haircut was really easy.

I was only planning on getting my son’s haircut because my oldest has been really anxious about the idea of a haircut and flat out refuses when I bring up the idea and my baby just isn’t old enough to need one.  

When I found out that there was a new Cookie Cutters that had recently opened in Grove City, I knew we had to check it out. My son loves fun places to get his haircut and is easily impressed with a car to sit in and an ice cream from mom at the end.  So I packed them in the car and we headed to Grove City for a haircut for my little guy.

When we got there my son was ready, he picked out his car very quickly and watched Netflix as they started cutting his hair.  It was going exactly how I planned. What happened next was not expected…

My daughter said “Mom, I want to get my haircut”

cookie cutters columbus

I was speechless. Seriously. I hadn’t even made an appointment for her so part of me was stressing because I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity but they have busy schedules so I wasn’t sure they’d be able to fit her in.

She’s always been so insistent that she not get a haircut because she was growing it out to be as loooonnnggg as possible.  I was all on board and luckily they were able to fit her in. YAY!!!

This change of heart actually inspired me to do a little something different with this blog post. Instead of telling you why I love Cookie Cutters I asked my kids to tell you what they love about it.

5 Reasons My Kids Loved Cookie Cutters

The Fun Seats

My son really loves being able to sit in a car while getting his haircut and more specifically Lightning McQueen.  That little guy has such an imagination and I can see it take off when he sits down in the car for his haircut. Just look at this photo - doesn’t it just scream happiness?

cookie cutters columbus

Netflix on Demand

Being able to not only watch TV but to pick a show they love is key to true haircut happiness.  The TV gets them distracted enough to let the hair stylist do their thing without my kids even paying attention.  My son loved getting to watch Paw Patrol and my daughter loved watching Fuller House during her haircut.

Friendly Staff

When we left one of the things my daughter mentioned was how friendly the hair stylist was.  If I’m being honest I think that the welcoming environment and friendly staff was the biggest reason that my daughter ended up getting her haircut.  As a mom, I was also really happy with the friendly staff and the owner who was obviously passionate about what she does and the customers she serves.

cookie cutters columbus

The Fun Stuff

I’m pretty sure both of my kids added five things to their Christmas wishlists at Cookie Cutters.  Fun colorful gel, pretty wet brushes, toys, and vanilla styling cream just to name a few. The play space was also a big hit of the baby sister. :)

Of course, The Haircuts!!

My little guy loves to spike his hair so he was happy when it was back to his preferred length so he can spike it everyday.  My daughter requested a haircut similar to Taylor Swift and was over the moon when that’s what she got.

Overall, I would say our adventure to Cookie Cutters was a major success.  I would highly recommend finding a Cookie Cutters near you for the perfect experience with your kids.

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