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Thank you COSI for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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I’m a big believer in experiences over things in everyday life but especially during this gift giving season.  I talk about it a lot because I truly believe in creating meaningful experiences for my kids vs. another toy that they will play with for a hot second before getting bored. When grandparents ask for christmas gift ideas we always suggest memberships to local places, this definitely takes more coordination because you don’t want two sets of grandparents to buy the same membership, but it’s worth it because those memberships help us create a lifetime of moments with our kids and that’s worth every second of coordination.  

The one membership we ask for every single year? Family COSI Membership! We LOVE COSI - it has something for everyone in our family and is perfect in every season - it’s a must have.

Because this is something we do every year, I’m becoming a pro at rattling off the reasons a COSI membership is the best gift you can give. Sooooo I thought I’d share my reasons with you so that you could just easily send this list over to the grandparents along with a request for a Gift Membership.

It’s Perfect in Every Season

COSI is our go to place in the winter when we need to burn off some extra energy, it’s a great spot during the summer as a place to play and cool off, and with all of the special events and exhibits there’s always something fun to do.  


Special Events & Exhibits

Speaking of special events let’s talk about a few of our favorites.  Big Machines & Farm Days are two of our favorites - the kids get to climb in the big machines and learn by playing which is always a huge win! Hot Wheels is a new exhibit that we can’t wait to check out and in the past we’ve enjoyed the Curious George, Thomas the Train, and other fun special exhibits.

It Saves Money

Having a place that we can go to without an admission fee is always a plus for this family of five.  I love knowing that we can go 5 days a week and it’s included in our membership. I pack some snacks and we have a low cost (no cost) outing.  There is parking but you can park at a meter and save money or park in the underground parking garage for convenience. Either way a COSI family membership will pay for itself in one visit for a family of four. Tickets for adults are $25 and for children 2-12 tickets are $20 - and a family membership is $149.  

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Little Kidspace

Little Kidspace is where we spend most of our winter. The kids love the tree house, clinic, and barn in kidspace.  I love that my son can play in the helicopter while my daughter slides down the slide and I can see them both at the same time.  Don’t even get me started on the water play! It’s a hit for my kids (ages 4 and 2) and brings out so many smiles and laughter. You can read more about my love for COSI here.

Dinosaur Gallery

The Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Gallery is more than enough reason to get a COSI membership.  Do you have a dinosaur lover in your family? They will love the full size cast of Tyrannosaurus Rex, climbable full scale model of an Oviraptor nest discovered in China complete with 20 eggs, and the 8ft titanosaur femur.  Share the love of dinosaurs with your little ones -or your husband (my husband loves this area more than the kids).

Really you can’t go wrong with an experience like a COSI membership. I highly recommend using this holiday season as the perfect way to share more experiences with the ones you love so dearly.  


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