CrossChx Saved My Sanity!

December hit my family hard, I had to see a few specialists due to this pregnancy, my son got a peanut stuck up his nose, both kids were hit with pink eye, stomach bugs, and anything else you can name.  I also sprained my hip! Yes, seriously! The biggest pain with all of this, other than having sick kiddos and being in pain myself, was all of the paperwork that I had to fill out at every appointment.  At ONE appointment I counted 10 different times that I wrote my name, 5 times I had to put the same medical history, 5-6 times had to state that my appointment was not accident related, and the list goes on.  The theme here is repetition.  I was in serious need of something to streamline the process.  Luckily, I had just heard of CrossChx, a Columbus based business who does just that.  

CrossChx is an app (available for Iphone and Android) that allows you to plug your medical history in one time, in a very easy way and then let you just scan into your doctors appointment without any fuss.  Best App Ever! I don’t know about you but I find it really difficult to fill out 10 papers per appointment per patient while my kids play jungle gym in the waiting room.  My kids aren’t the only ones that do this, right?  What is it about the water fountain that makes them want to suddenly take a bath?  Just mine? Okay.   Let’s move on.  

What I love about CrossChx is how easy it is to use and how I can plug in each family member, add a photo to make it easy, my insurance card, emergency contact, and then easily scan my device when I check into my doctor’s appointment. You can also easily keep track of your prescriptions in the app. If your doctor isn’t set up for an easy check in (first tell them to get set up for it because it’s amazing and easy for all sides) and then you can share with them your unique URL and privacy code that they can pull up on their computer and quickly pull and print all of your info.  See - easy for both sides.  

If you are anything like me, you have one concern with putting all of your health care information on an app - PRIVACY! I would be lying if I told you that wasn’t my first thought.  You may find this hard to believe since I run a blog and share a lot of information on social media, but I am a very private person. My husband makes fun of me daily because of it.  I actually spoke at length with the wonderful guys at CrossChx headquarters about this and the assured me that they take this very seriously.  The QR code that you use to check in changes every few seconds which means its never the same and impossible to copy.  They aren't looking at your medical history to sell you anything - they just want to help streamline a process that hasn't been updated in years.  With the advancements in technology why are we still having to fill out SO many papers at every appointment? Thank you CrossChx for solving a problem and creating such an amazing solution for all of us.  You can download the CrossChx app here.  

Do you have this app?  What do you think? 

Eryn GilsonComment