PreciouStatus at Foundations Learning Academy

I don't know about you but when I started my infant in daycare (almost 6 years ago) one of my biggest fears was missing out on some of the everyday things like diaper changes, feeding schedules, random smiles, the cute way she'd grab her toes, the list could go on - this was in part because I was being sentimental and also a control thing as well as a care thing. I wanted to make sure she was healthy, eating enough, having enough wet diapers, etc.  Yes, with my first born I had a journal where we wrote down every detail from every single diaper change.  I just wasn't sure if this wonderful teacher taking care of 4 other babies besides mine would have time to give my child the love and attention I wanted her to have while still keeping me informed and doing this for all of the babies in her care.  

I recently learned about an app that Foundations Learning Academy in Hilliard has implemented.  PreciouStatus -  it allows the caregivers at Foundations Learning Academy the ability to keep the parents informed throughout the day on everything from how much their child ate, to diaper changes, potty training updates, other items that you'd find on the normal daily sheet at pick up as well as other alerts and then of course pictures! :-) What could be better in the middle of a hard work day than to see your baby (of any age) smiling at daycare. This app also works for multiple kids and you can customize it with their names and pictures and go to each "folder" to view different kiddos.  The app works on any smart phone and is of course free for all parents at Foundations.  

I know I would have loved this when my girl started daycare, the peace of mind it would have given to me would have been so nice.  If you haven't checked out Foundations Learning Academy yet you can read more about them on the blog and then head to their Facebook page to learn more and get their contact info.