DoorDash Launches in Columbus

For the last several months my husband has been swamped at work, he owns a few businesses and is spending a lot of time making sure they are successful so we've made it a priority to set aside one night a week for an at home date night.  We typically order a pizza and play monopoly :) It's not an overly extravagant date night but it's dinner without negotiating with our children about their vegetable consumption, a night without work or cell phones and just a night to spend time together.  This week we were able to step it up a notch and order something besides pizza.  DoorDash, a food delivery service, has launched in Columbus and we couldn't be happier. DoorDash is going to make our at home date nights and a lot of other nights a lot easier.  :) 

When DoorDash contacted me to tell me they were going to be launching in Columbus, I immediately got so excited. From what I hear DoorDash is just as excited to launch in our great city as we are to have them here. 

I couldn't wait to try them out.  We headed to and entered our address to see all of our options...we were both surprised with how many options we had.  We picked BJ's because I was really craving their potato skins and Riley loves their Parmesan crusted chicken.  All I wanted was potato skins and me weird. It's fine. :) 

Ordering was super simple, once we picked the restaurant we went through their user friendly site to order exactly what we wanted.  The delivery fee was only $1 which I thought was extremely reasonable and you have the ability to tip the driver right there while placing your order.  Once it's ordered you can check the status every step of the way. They let you know that the restaurant is preparing your food, when the driver has arrived at the restaurant, when it's on it's way, and when it's delivered.  We were really impressed because the app said our food would be delivered at 10:38 pm and it actually arrived at 10.  There is nothing like food arriving a little early to make you happy! The driver, Nadhim was very friendly, when we answered the door he said "Hey it's door dash!!!!!" with a lot of high energy.  He was wearing a DoorDash shirt so we were able to tell easily identify him.  

As a busy mom with two little ones I can see my family using this service a lot in the future.  There are many nights, before swim lessons or after a long day that I just want to order take out. It's great to have another option besides pizza that delivers to us.  There are so many options around us from The Wine Bistro to Five Guys to City BBQ.  City BBQ is the next one on our list, we love them and I imagine we will love it even more when it's delivered right to our door. :) 

I was really impressed with the service from DoorDash, the service was great, Nadhim was very friendly, and our food was warm.  I hope you will get a chance to try out DoorDash, and that you'll let me know how you liked it, use code 614MOM for $5 off your order of $20 or more.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by DoorDash Columbus.  

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