Get Air Trampoline Park

I don't often write a full post on just one place but today I'm making an exception.  My family and I had so much fun at Get Air and I want to share all the fun info with you.  We've been before, last year in January and really enjoyed it. You can see me talking about it on Good Day Columbus a few months ago.  When we went a few weeks ago though it was a much different experience, my son is a bit older and in the young years it makes all the difference and my daughter has gotten taller and had graduated from the toddler zone.  Pretty exciting for a 5 year old. :) 

The day before my daughter's surgery, earlier this month, we decided to do a full day of family fun. Our focus was on things that we wouldn't be able to do for a few weeks due to her recovery, being active and jumping on trampolines was on her list of ideas, so I packed my kids into the car after breakfast (at her favorite breakfast spot...Bob Evans) and headed to Get Air Columbus.  It is conveniently located in Hilliard not too far from 270.  If you're familiar with the area it's in the Mill Run area near First Watch. We had two hours to spend and I assumed after an hour my kids would be ready to eat...I was wrong. 

We went back and forth between the toddler area and the basketball hoops for the first hour and then my husband and daughter ventured off and found the foam pits, where we spent every last second until our second hour was up.  Every single member of my family enjoyed our time at the park.  

Three of our favorite spots are below - this of course doesn't include the obvious field of trampolines you can have so much fun on, there is so much space to run and jump - it couldn't believe just how big it was. 

  1. The toddler area is a GREAT space. It allows the little ones a safe space to explore and be adventurous without the fear of being jumped on my a bigger kid. 
  2. The foam pits are more fun than I could explain in words.  They have a TV set up so you can watch yourself jump in (pretty sure this was my girl's favorite part) and let's not forget that you're jumping from a trampoline into a big pit of foam blocks.  
  3. The obstacle course in the back is a great added bonus.  This wasn't something we expected to see but it was a lot of fun watching my husband and daughter use a rope to climb up the wall and jump on the other side. The tight rope was also a great bonus feature.  Emmalyn refused to give up until she made it successfully across.  

This time we decided to give the restaurant that is in the park, Boulevard Grill, a try. I was impressed.  It wasn't what I expected...I was prepared for high priced, low quality food, (think of other attraction based places that also offer food)  and that wasn't what we got at all.   I ordered a variety of food including fresh veggies and ranch for us to munch on, sandwiches for the adults and the kids had chicken nuggets and corn dogs.  I LOVED the ciabatta bread for the sandwiches,  and as a mom who tries to feed her kids veggies any chance I can get - I loved that instead of fries I could order fresh carrots for my kids and myself.  The food was SO good. 

When we left my husband and I reflected on the amount of laughter we heard the entire time.  Let's be honest is there anything better than hearing two hours of pure joy and laughter coming from your kids? I highly recommend a trip to Get Air, it's fun for the whole family.   

Enjoy our pictures and check out Instagram for a fun shot of us jumping on the trampolines. 

I'm not sure who snapped this picture but I love it because it shows how much fun I was having watching my beautiful family laugh and play. 



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