Our Trip to Velvet Ice Cream

We have been wanting to go to Velvet Ice Cream since last summer when I started following them on Instagram but we just never seemed to find the time.  This year E and I were determined to make it and decided it would be the perfect thing for her last week of summer vacation.  We headed that way a few days ago and I can promise you it's worth every minute of the 40 minute drive.  Obviously depending on where you are in Columbus the drive could be longer but we were coming from Easton and it was only about 40 minutes. We LOVED our visit, and can't wait to go back.   We started with lunch, which I have to say I was totally impressed with, I had the build your own salad option which was HUGE and delicious, E had the hot dog with applesauce and O had grilled cheese with applesauce.  The kids meals come in recycled Velvet Ice Cream containers - which both kids loved, and I thought it was pretty cool too.  

Let's talk about what you really want to know about...the ice cream.  It was delicious, of course.  We tried so many flavors...Blue Moon, Buckeye Classic, Raspberry, Banana Pudding, and my favorite Kentucky Praline Pecan. The kids also had a scoop of their favorite...Cookies 'n Cream.  Once we had bellies full of ice cream we took a tour of the grounds and Owen got to hang out with Lucy the cow.  Lucy is a full size cow statue that helps kids understand a little more about the ice cream making process.  They got to get up close to window and see all the guys inside making SO much ice cream.  Enjoy some of our pictures from the day.  

There is so much history in the location and in the history of the business. It was really cool to learn that the Mill is 200 years old, and was brought here from Virginia, the location was also a stop on the underground railroad (see picture 2), and a random fun fact, it was also the very first roadside restroom in Ohio.   There are only 5 or 6 ice cream businesses that have a location that you can visit and tour in the United States and we have one...the best... right in our backyard.  Velvet Ice Cream turned 100 years old in 2014..happy 102 this year, Velvet.  So many fun things to learn. I'm so glad we went.  Nathan, thank you so much for showing us around. We can't wait to come back.  

Have you ever been to Velvet Ice Cream? What's your favorite part? 


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