Lifestlye Session | Lori Baskin Photography | Columbus Commons

It's no secret that I love a good photo session with my family, mainly because I love looking back at each stage in our lives, how little our kids were, how they smiled at age 2, how that one baby doll was/is part of our family.  I love getting the opportunity to get in a picture or two with my kids, because let's be honest I'm the one normally taking the picture, I love the quality, and I love seeing the love in each photograph. There are so many reasons I enjoy having our pictures taken, and yes I take the opportunity any chance I get.  

 My favorite type of photo session is a lifestyle session, it allows the photographer to capture the true emotion in every interaction, you can easily see the unique bond between each family member, and they are just so much fun to do.  No posing, no awkward smiles, just my family being my family.  Last week we met Lori from Lori Baskin Photography to do a lifestyle session with our (her kiddos and mine) kiddos and it was magical.  We headed to the Columbus Commons and we just let the kids run wild for about an hour with little direction from us.  It was really fun to watch them play together, and to see the shots of them at a place that we frequent. 

Enjoy some of our pictures from the day and then head to Instagram to enter to win your own lifestyle session from Lori at the Columbus Commons and an interview from me! 

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