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My kids are in this new stage of wanting ALL of the we are currently teaching them about the value of money and working for what they want. My husband and I want them to know from an early age that money isn’t unlimited and if you want something you have to be willing to work for it. There are things in our home that they must to just because they are a member of this family like keep their rooms picked up, put their dishes in the sink, and just basic motions that help keep our house from being a chaotic mess.  Outside of that I’m happy to reward them for going above and beyond.

I recently found a new app for my phone that helps me have those conversations while showing them the value in hard work. Quest To Clean Up is the only app in the app store showing kids that if you want something you have to work for it.  Parents set the tasks and assign a value for each task from their side of the app - the kids can then go in and check things off as they go and know on the spot how much they earned for that and see how much closer they are to items on their wishlists. As a visual learner I love this because as a kid I was always writing it down and trying to remind my mom how much she “owed” me. Haha! Seriously though - it’s super helpful that the kids can see exactly where they are in relation to their goal and how much work they have to do to get there.

The wishlists are limited to 8 items and completely built by the child which makes it really fun for the parents to go in and see what their kids are working for.  The app will also show the child how many chores they need to complete to be able to get an item on their wishlist, so they can decide if it’s really worth it.

Because of the wishlists Quest to Clean Up has access to exactly what kids are wanting.  Since we are hitting shopping season they have graciously decided to share this with us so we can be prepared for shopping this weekend (Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, and Cyber Monday) as well as the rest of the holiday season. I’m breaking it down by age to make it as easy as possible.  

Don’t forget to download Quest to Clean Up so your kids can start earning all of those extra things on their Holiday Lists.  

gift guide ages 4-6
gift guide 7-8
Ages 9-10
Ages 11-13 (3).png

Ages 11-13


Xbox/Playstation online gaming cards
Segway Self Balancing Electronic Ride On
Gaming accessories (wireless gaming headset with microphone)


Make up – Benefit Cosmetics
Adidas gear
Wireless head set
Beats pill (speaker)

Thank you Quest To Clean Up for helping us all know exactly what our kids want even when they may not even know it. Be sure to download their app as an educational resource all year long.

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