It's been a little less than two months since we've returned from our honeymoon and it's taken every bit of that to get back on schedule.  It's so crazy how going on vacation for a week can take, not only so much prep work but also so much work when you get home, especially when your kids didn't go with you on vacation.  Getting them back on schedule, laundry caught up, getting your snuggles in, all of it can take so much time.  It's well worth the prep time and the time when you get home but Riley and I both agree we are definitely taking our kids next time.  They would have LOVED Hawaii.  Emmalyn the most.  There was so much fun for families and so many opportunities to explore nature and really get lost in Hawaii time.  

Riley and I both really loved the atmosphere in Hawaii, the sense of family wherever you went.  Every single person we met while there was so very kind, helpful, and fun. We had so much fun exploring, our resort was amazing but we ventured out quite a bit. From hiking Diamond Head to swimming with sharks in the ocean to uncovering the best breakfast burrito and milkshake shack on the planet. We swam with dolphins and visited the Dole Plantation where we met an amazing local artist. The food in Hawaii was delicious, I took Riley on a special date while we were there. I told him to put on his suit and take me to Waikiki and he of course couldn't say no to his new wife ;-) so he did.  When we got there I made him go up a really long escalator with me, into this amazing restaurant at the top of the city.  Top of Waikiki is a restaurant with excellent service, the food is oh so very good, and it revolves around the entire city. On our last night there we ate at Roy's, it was close to our resort and we had heard great things. I'm really happy that we picked it as our last night choice because it was everything.  They had very few options for vegetarians but when our waiter found out that we were on our honeymoon and that I am a vegetarian he made sure we were well taken care of.  He brought me a vegetarian sushi roll - which by the way OH MY GOSH!!! I fell in love with sushi that night.  The night was filled with lots of appetizers, dinner, three desserts, and champagne.   Perfect last night with my new husband. 

I'm in the middle of planning a summer and fall vacation for our family and when I asked Riley where he wanted to go he said "always Hawaii" :-) 

Enjoy some of our pictures! We have so many more but I couldn't post hundreds, so I picked some of my favorites.  

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