Ohio Cryo

Imagine standing in an enclosed space with only your undergarments, socks, slippers, and wool mittens on with -315 degree temperatures and loving it! I'm sure I sound crazy but keep reading...

I've been training really hard for the half marathon in October and my body has been so tired. I've also had a lot of little pains as a result.  I did my research and decided I wanted to try out Cryotherapy to help because the benefits seemed amazing.  Aside from increased blood circulation and reduction of inflammation and swelling it also helps with your performance, increased muscle stamina, improved joint function, and boosted energy. Those were the reasons I wanted to give it a try. Now let's talk about the spa benefits for a minute - reduction of blemishes and cellulite, fuller hair, increased caloric burn, and so much more.  I went for the performance benefits but the spa benefits were an extra perk. 

 I was a little nervous to get in but Cody talked me through it, and the three minutes were up in no time.  I was smiling and laughing the whole time, and when I got out I felt re-energized, my body felt better, and when I meet Riley a few minutes later for lunch I couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was.   That night I slept better than I had in months.  I've been a few times since my first initial visit and the benefits just get better with each session. 

I came to this conclusion - Cryotherapy is incredible.   

Ohio Cryo was my choice for Cryotherapy because to me it stood out as the best of the best, and after my first few visits I know that my first impression wasn't wrong. Ohio Cryo is the best of the best. The biggest thing I looked for when researching Cryotherapy is a company with staff who is knowledgeable about their business.  From our first interaction to my repeat visits the experience has been amazing.  I have asked numerous questions always with an educated response.  It's a huge bonus that the company is locally owned and has Ohio in the name. :-) 

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