Day Date | Zipline Canopy Tour | Hocking Hills

My husband and I love trying new and adventurous things.  Yes, we have skydiving on our bucket list.  So when my wonderful and also adventurous aunt from California sent a message out asking who was in for trying ziplining when she was in town, we didn't even hesitate. 

Hocking Hills is such a special place to me, I have so many memories there from my childhood, so whenever I go back I think of those times I went with my grandpa and we lived life on the dangerous side ;), family reunions, skipping rocks, walking barefoot on the rocks and getting in the water at Old Man's Cave.  I found it so fun getting to explore the same area I did as a kid in a new and exciting way.  It was so nice to get to have a day date with my husband and really enjoy being together, trying something new, and pushing each other to try new things.  These are my favorite type of dates.  :) 

By the second zipline I wasn't scared of falling to my death but nervous I wasn't going to stop and head straight into the next tree, our wonderful tour guides, Noel and Chris, made sure that didn't happen. Chris did tell me it's happened to him before and the trees aren't as soft as they look.  ;) We had a good laugh over that.  Enjoy our pictures and if you're up for an adventure - head out to Hocking Hills Canopy Tours for a great day.  

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours - Riley and I will see you again very soon, and once we do the extreme and super zip - we're headed to the Wilds also.  Basically any zipline you own we have to try.  :) 

Disclaimer: We didn't take too many pictures because we were scared to drop my husband's phone, thanks to HHCT for having a photographer there in the middle for us so we could get some great shots to remember the moment! 

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