Meet Foundations Learning Academy

A few days ago I posted a list of questions to ask when you tour a new childcare facility, and today I'm introducing you to the facility that helped me come up with that list.  Foundations Learning Academy is a new daycare facility in the Hilliard area, they are passionate about bringing high quality childcare to parents at a value.  The owner, Tommy, and director, Susan, both feel strongly that the education, safety, and health, of the child is most important and parents should have an option that is affordable while also being top of the line.  The owner has a background in commercial real estate and when he decided to open a center, he recruited a woman he trusted to help him build an amazing place for the kids of Central Ohio.  Susan, has 23+ years experience in childcare, a background in early childhood education and a heart full of love for all kids.  I've seen first hand the bond she has created with the current students at Foundations Learning Academy and it's incredible.  

I spent a few hours at Foundations Learning Academy with Tommy and Susan over the last few weeks and have been really impressed with the center and their vision for where it's going to go.  They currently teach the children sign language, yoga, and have plans to bring a soccer program in.  Of course, your child's reaction to a new facility is always the biggest tell on whether or not it's a great and welcoming place.  After all, they spend a lot more time there than we do.  I will say my son went with me to every meeting and they let him spend time in the toddler room, and every time I went to get him, he wanted me to leave without him.  As a boy who is used to spending all day with mama, getting one on one attention, and not having to share his toys to wanting to stay and sit for story time, participate in yoga with the rest of the class, and share the trucks, I would say that the teacher was really great, and the environment made him feel welcome and loved.  What more could I ask for?  Maybe when this mama is ready to let go (when he's 25), he can go back! :) 

Eryn GilsonComment