Spending Intentional Time With My Daughter

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As my daughter has gotten older I’ve noticed that we are very similar and we share similar love languages. The biggest one we both hold is Quality Time.  I just want to spend uninterrupted time with the people in my life, and when people put what they are doing on hold to focus on me I feel more loved. My oldest is very similar in that way and I am always looking for fun ways that she and I can spend quality time together. Gosh, I love that kid.  It truly fills my heart that she loves quality time as much as I do. It isn’t always a big event or something pricey, sometimes it’s curling up with a good book and reading together, sometimes it’s taking only her to the grocery store with me, and more recently it’s filling out her J.O.Y. Journal together.

J.O.Y. Journal

The J.O.Y. Journal helps us connect daily and sparks conversations that then turn into bigger conversations. The Just Own You (J.O.Y.) Journal is designed for girls to embrace their unique self through guided activities.  The journal really encourages self acceptance and self love which are two things I want my children to feel every single day of their lives.

joy journal 614 mom

We started the J.O.Y. Journal by talking about E’s biography, her best day ever and what that looks like, quotes that guide her, detective work, and so much more. Once we wrapped up that part of the book we started a section called My Daily Review.  My Daily Review is a section where we reflect on things she’s excited about, lessons she’s learned that day, and other really fun things to reflect on. It also gives her so much space to write whatever is on her mind.

The J.O.Y. Journal was created by a mother/daughter duo who are passionate about helping others live of a life of self acceptance, confidence, and self love. Hearing their story brought me to tears as I’ve thought about the conversations I’ve had with my daughter.  About a year ago she drew a photo of us standing outside of a building with the word ‘SPA’ written on the building. Emmalyn told me that this photo is of our future mother/daughter spa that we will own when she is older.  Instant tears. Watching another mother/daughter team go after their dream and doing it together is so inspirational for me and I am happy to support their mission.

joy journal 614 mom

Through working on this journey together my daughter and I have connected with each other in new ways, we have learned more about the other, we’ve laughed, we’ve been silly, we’ve been thoughtful, and most importantly we’ve spent uninterrupted quality time together and that is something I am so thankful for.  You can get your J.O.Y. Journal through their website and on Amazon.  The J.O.Y. Journal makes the perfect gift for the girl in your life whether that’s for the holidays, birthdays, or a just because I love you gift.  


Have you used the J.O.Y. Journal? Tell me about it in the comments. If you order let me know! I’d love to hear what you think.  

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