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One of my favorite parts of social media is finding amazing people doing great things, that I otherwise probably wouldn't have found.  A few months ago, while doing my normal post bedtime browsing on Instagram, I came across an Instagram page called Little Mugshots.  I started browsing the feed and instantly fell in love, I knew I had to follow along with her journey and even more than that I really wanted to place an order.   Stephanie, the owner, offers hand-drawn paper-cut silhouette portraits as well as water color typography.  She is truly so talented and brought me to tears with the silhouettes she drew of my children - they will forever hang in our home.  

I can't even begin to express how deeply I fell in love with Stephanie's silhouettes of my children.  Some days are hard, the laundry piles up, the attitudes of little Eryn's running around my house (have you ever tried to discipline yourself?1? That's my life...daily), my constant need to make everything perfect for them, and everything in between.  Then I pause and I look at these beautiful, peaceful, amazing, children that make me laugh, cry, smile, burst with joy in these perfect hand drawn silhouettes hanging above my dresser, right above my jewelry box and I feel all sorts of pride and joy. These are my babies, and they are the reason I work hard everyday, and strive for perfection.  They deserve every last ounce of my energy.  I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that's truly how I feel every single time I look at what Stephanie drew for me.  I am brought to tears looking at my beautiful babies, and while I love her Instagram feed (and I REALLY do) I never knew I would feel this way every single time I'd see the artwork hanging in my home. 

Ordering was very simple - I ordered through her website and then emailed her profile pictures of my children and within a week she sent me proofs.  It was so easy and the quality is top notch.  

We are lucky enough to have Little Mugshots in our community because Stephanie was creating these one of a kind masterpieces for her friends and family as a hobby and once word got out she started getting so many requests she knew it was time to turn her hobby into a business.  Her husband, Anthony, is in the Army and currently their family is stationed in Columbus, which they love. They have two adorable children, who make occasional appearances on the Little Mugshots Instagram page, Josephine and Evan.  Columbus is home to them - they both grew up in Ohio and they met while attending Ohio State University.  They have lived in 4 different states over the last 10 years and know that Columbus may not be their forever home but that doesn't stop them from investing their time and energy into our community.    Our wonderful city has taken note of Stephanie's passion for her business and has been so supportive from her wonderful customers who love shopping local to fellow makers who have embraced another creative brain in our city - Stephanie is feeling the love.  

You can see some images of what she made for me below! I ordered an 8x10 of each child (and pre-ordered for the little one we are expecting shortly) and a Christmas ornament of each child.  I practically squealed when I saw that she also offered Christmas ornaments!!! 

Above all else, I love what I do. I love creating modern heirlooms, I love connecting with people and customers, and I love having built a small business that can grow and move with me and our Army family.
— Stephanie Douglass
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