Foundations Learning Academy Has A Lot To Be Thankful For This Year Part 2

At the beginning of November I sent an email to my friend at Foundations Learning Academy and asked if she would mind asking the parents and the teachers at her school what they are most thankful for during this month of gratitude.  I think it's really important to remember why we are thankful and hear what others have to say.  You can read what the teachers at Foundations Learning Academy love about their jobs in part one of this series and below read all about why the parents who send their kids to FLA are thankful for such a great center.  

The care and affection that is given to our daughter. Thank you for always smiling and offering to hug or sit with her to make her feel loved and safe. She loves Foundations.
— Barry & Nicole B
We are thankful for the caring, compassionate, and understanding teachers and director who take care of our children.
— Deanna G.
Thankful I have such nice and welcoming people who work at Foundations.
— Stephanie.
The staff is so caring, sweet, and patient. They are my kids second mom. We love them like family.
— Erica S.
My kids love to go to school and love and trust their teachers. I’m thankful for daycare providers I can trust.
— Brittany F.
We are so thankful to have such reliable and loving care for our daughter when we can’t be there for her.
— Megan R.
I am thankful for the one-on-one care and attention that all of the teachers show. They make it easy to leave him while I’m at work because I know he is being loved and spoiled.
— Aaron & Lindsey T.
Our son loves it there and the staff seem to really care about him. He is also learning a lot.
— Monica & Jason D.
I am thankful for the care and involvement in providing for our children. A great learning & caring environment.
— Bekah M.
The peace of mind Foundations Learning Academy gives me. Knowing that my kids are safe and happy while I’m at work.
— Ali D.
Mrs. Susan is amazing!!!
We are thankful our sons are in good hands when they cannot be in ours.
— Tynan's
Knowing my children are properly cared for, learning and growing, getting on routine. Love, love, love, the precious moments app.
— Wendy W.
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