North Market Scavenger Hunt

There are two key components I try to keep in every activity that we do, the first is that it's educational, I love watching my kids learn new things and I love the moment when the light bulb comes's really magical.  The second is just as important as the first -- FUN! I love for the things that we do to be so much fun that my kids don't even know that they're learning.  Signe from Say-n-Play Columbus posted about a North Market scavenger hunt that she came up with and I knew we had to go and try it out.  

E and I went just the two of us, not on purpose but O was napping hard that day and Riley was working from home so we took advantage of some mommy/daughter time.  We had so much fun.  We've been to the North Market before but never like this, this time we really got to explore all the small details that could be missed if you aren't looking through the eyes of a five year old.  

E loved every single second, she's asked to go back multiple times, and I will of course never deprive my child of the North Market or the cookies from Little Eater ;) (those are amazing by the way) The one thing that E had a hard time finding was the scale, she refused to give up and when she finally found it the joy was contagious.  It was a major success.  I am going to laminate our scavenger hunt page and keep it in the car so each time we can go on a small adventure and see if E remembers where some of the things are.  Enjoy some of our pictures, they aren't perfect but my focus wasn't on perfect pictures but on living in the moment with my girl and capturing a few shots along the way.  :) 

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